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The time required to produce a 6 to 9 foot marketable Christmas tree depends on the tree species. At Willey’s, our fir trees are 5 years old before they are transplanted into the field. To develop the fullness and quality we believe you are looking for in your Christmas tree, we have found that in most cases it takes 8 to 10 years of field work to achieve this.

Christmas Tree Pruning

Walk Through

   After our trees have been in the field for two years, we walk through and do minor pruning to correct any problems the trees might have. But the real shearing starts about four or five years after the trees have been planted in the field. Here Ken is instructing son-in-law Kevin, daughter Kathy, and daughter-in-law Deb in the very subjective art of shearing young Christmas trees.


   Shaping our trees is mostly done with a shearing knife. Ken is using one with a 10" handle and a 16" blade that is razor sharp. This shearing process is necessary to promote density and control taper. All but one of the multiple tops have to be removed. The one remaining needs to be cut to an appropriate length.

Ken Shearing with Knife


Field Ready for Harvest

   This field of trees is ready for harvest. If you look closely you can see flags on the ones that will be cut this season. The rest of them do not measure up to our strict standards and will stay to be trimmed, yet again, for another year or two.

   The next stop on the journey is Harvesting Trees.   Please continue to see how a Christmas tree is brought to market.

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