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One acre of Christmas trees provides the daily oxygen requirements for 18 people.  So with the help of many other tree growers, Willey’s Christmas Trees is proud that it can help supply the oxygen needs for 18 million people.


   We have experienced a better survival rate by transplanting our trees in the spring. However, not all trees will survive after their relocation in the field. Here daughter-in-law Deb is replacing the few that did not make it.

Deb Replanting


East Field on North 40

   These trees have been in this field for about three years. Like vegetables in your garden, Christmas trees grow better if they do not need to compete with weeds for nutrients. This is accomplished by minimal treatment on a small area on each side of the tree row, while the remaining area is left to grow naturally and then mowed as needed.

   Once in the field, the trees are cared for each year until harvested.  Continue on the journey to Fertilizing.

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