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The genetics of the seed used to grow a Christmas tree are directly related to the quality and beauty of a tree ready for market. Therefore, quality Christmas trees begin with quality parent trees.  We have recently expanded our retail and wholesale business to include the sale of our superior quality late-budding blue balsam seed.

Seed Harvest

Seed Tree during Fall Colors

   This is one of our oldest and favorite seed trees. We call her "Old Blue." She is 40 years old and stands out from the rest of the trees because of her beautiful silver blue color. Quality seed trees like this one provide the seed for our superior Christmas trees. 


   Our cones are usually harvested about the first of September. Here Bev Willey is picking the cones off another one of our quality seed trees. This is one of our late budding trees with a beautiful silver green color.


Bev Harvesting Cones 


Ken Harvesting Seed 

   Harvesting seed is a tedious job. Here Ken Willey is doing the first of many steps by breaking apart the dried cones. The seed (about 100 per cone) will fall through the screen. The brackets, which make up the cone, will be discarded.


   To purchase our superior quality late-budding blue balsam seed, please contact us directly.

    The next step in the process is planting the harvested seed. Continue on the journey to Seed and Transplant Bed.

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